A primary objective of the Virginia Hickory Golf Association is to conduct or compete in hickory golf events. Participating in one of these events is the best way to get familiar with the unique elements of the game. We believe once you partake in an event and have the full hickory experience you’ll be hooked!

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Upcoming Events – 2018 Virginia Hickory Open


Another year began with the Virginia – North Carolina challenge match. This time Virginia came out on top with a hard fought victory! Our beloved Captain was waylaid for much of the Spring but came back strong this summer in our July outing at Belmont. A few brave souls made their way to the mountains of West Virginia for the National Hickory Championship – Gutty Golf at it’s finest. Several VAHGA members are traveling to Green Lake Wisconsin for the U.S. Hickory Open in September. And we all look forward to the 7th Annual Hickory Four Ball Invitational in October.


The VAHGA got off to a great start this year with the annual Virginia – North Carolina challenge match. Several members will be participating in Society of Hickory Golfers “Championship Series” tournaments this year and look forward to the U.S. Hickory Open in Dayton Ohio this July.


Another great year for hickory golf and the association! One of the highlights was the U.S. Hickory Open in Asheville North Carolina. Several members went back to Scotland to participte in the World Hickory Open in 2014.


From the Virginia Hickory 4-Ball tournament to the U.S. Hickory Open at Seaview Golf Resort, 2013 marked a full year for the association. Several VAHGA members also represented the U.S. at the World Hickory Open in Carnoustie Scotland.


This marked the inaugural year for the golf association. We held and participated in several hickory golf events.