The pursuit of hickory golf is aided by the power of community through, what we like to call, “hickory diplomacy”.

Here, you will find links to valuable resources to aid you in your pursuit of the royal and ancient game. We have a rich tradition of golf in the state of Virginia, so please take some time to explore the “Hickory Golf History” section of our site.


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Hickory Golf Associations
There are many regional associations which are part of the rich and growing community of hickory golf.


Hickory Golf Clubs and Repair
Acquiring and maintaining a set of hickory golf clubs is a rewarding aspect of the avocation.


Hickory Golf Attire and Accessories
Part of the allure and enjoyment of hickory golf comes from donning the period attire.


Hickory Golf History
Take a step back in time and explore golf as it was played in the hickory era.